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Venezuela , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Venezuela » Yarucay: El Diario de Yaracuy, Venezuela 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: Sunday 28 January 2018

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News Venezuela » Yarucay: PDVSA, India reach agreement on joint oil production ventures

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Publication date: Wednesday 31 January 2018

Venezuela's state-owned oil and natural gas company PDVSA ... The situation does not seem to be any less discouraging in Guarico, Cojedes, Lara, Portuguesa and Yaracuy, it was reported. Aragua Governor Tarek El Aissami has explained that the problems ...

News Venezuela » Yarucay: GLOBALES: How Far Can the Stock Market Plunge?

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Publication date: Friday 09 February 2018

Bloomberg / The Dow Jones Industrial Average's 1,000-point plunge into correction territory on Thursday has raised fears of a much bigger drop. Not all corrections lead to full-blown bear markets. In fact, few do . But it's human nature, after watching a ...

News Venezuela » Yarucay: North Korea Offers Venezuela Financial Advice at National Bank Meeting

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Publication date: onday 04 December 2017

North Korea’s ambassador to Venezuela, Ri Sung Gil, regularly participates in government events. In January, for example, Ri traveled to Yaracuy for an event celebrating the birthday of late dictator Kim Jong-il. At the time, Ri celebrated that the two ...

News Venezuela » Yarucay: Illegal transmitters impact on telecom services

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Publication date: uesday 12 December 2017

Illegal transmitters, such as radio frequency identification tags and signal boosters, which operate outside of approved frequencies, are disrupting communications services and affecting business operations. The process of disrupting telecommunications is ...

News Venezuela » Yarucay: Venezuela’s Maduro approval rises to 23 pct after Trump sanctions -poll

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Publication date: onday 02 October 2017

Fifty-seven percent said they disagreed with the United States using a “military option” to push for change in Venezuela, in reference to Trump comments in August that were met with condemnation around the region. Maduro’s low approval is not unusual ...

News Venezuela » Yarucay: Pirates notebook: Rivero bringing awareness to unrest in Venezuela

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Publication date: uesday 16 May 2017

In the Pirates clubhouse Tuesday afternoon, Felipe Rivero wore a black T-shirt with "Just a kid from Yaracuy" emblazoned on the front ... "I haven't been in Venezuela since 2014," Rivero said Tuesday. "I haven't seen my mom or my daughter.

News Venezuela » Yarucay: Will Maduro and 'Comrade Trump' be BFFs?

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Publication date: Sunday 12 March 2017

by David Freddoso | Mar 13, 2017, 6:48 PM Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Email this article Share on LinkedIn Print this article Nicolas Maduro, the leftist leader of a once-wealthy Venezuela that ... this Sunday from Yaracuy. Maduro was discussing ...

News Venezuela » Yarucay: Cuban doctors defecting from Venezuela describe system of fraud

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Publication date: hursday 26 January 2017

Since 2003, Cuba has been sending battalions of doctors to Venezuela in exchange for cash and crude ... and President Nicolás Maduro says the Cuban doctors have saved more than 1.4 million lives since the program started. But it’s also clear the ...

News Venezuela » Yarucay: In a hungry Venezuela, buying too much food can get you arrested

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Publication date: hursday 15 September 2016

Barquisimeto, Venezuela: The hunt for food started at 4am ... whose organisation has documented 60 such cases in the state of Yaracuy. The crackdown began with Maduro's 2014 decree, the Law of Fair Prices, which was aimed at punishing businesses he ...